With grateful appreciation we acknowledge many helping hands along the way:

It has been a long journey with many helping hands working together to save and restore this historic African American school building, tied to the history of Corinth Baptist Church, and to preserve the heritage and history of all of the African American schools in Currituck County. By 2003 the building was in disrepair and in danger of collapsing with the next major storm. Members of Corinth Baptist Church reached out for help. The Historic Jarvisburg Colored School Association was organized in 2002. The Church gifted the school property to HJCS to ensure its continued survival.

The HJCS Board expresses its gratitude to the Currituck County Commissioners who agreed in 2003 to stabilize the building and then worked with HJCS to restore this historic building, working with Joe Freeman, Architect with RRMM. This task was accomplished over the next few years and the building now reflects its early 1911 appearance. In 2003, Charles Hardy, Hardy Moving & Storage, offered to store the old furniture removed from HJCS. It took 11 long years before he could bring it all back.

We thank the North Carolina Community Foundation, and former Regional Associate, Peggy Birkemeier, for guiding us as a newly organized nonprofit organization. We are pleased to now be supported by the William A and Julia Hunt & Douglas P and Alice H. Lindsey Fund for Historic Jarvisburg Colored School, which will help provide funding for exhibit upgrades and Museum upkeep.

We express gratitude to Penne Sandbeck for her role in documenting the history of Jarvisburg Colored School and its listing on the National Register of Historic Places in December of 2010. Bob Riggs, Principal with Riggs Ward Design, has worked with us over many years to help define and design the exhibits. His creative talents and patient guidance has been a blessing.

Several key supporters who encouraged us along the way with their talents and commitment are no longer with us to see the Museum become a reality and we are grateful for their support: Douglas Lindsey, Norma Williams, Edna Bowser and teacher, Naomi Fulford.

We thank our Charter Members and contributors over the years for believing in our mission and keeping us focused on the road ahead. Most importantly we appreciate the dedication and support from current members of the board: Alice Lindsey, Vivian Simpson, Rowena Roby, Sarah Banks, Ruth Dillard, Leon Saunders, Jr., William Parker, Paul O’Neal, Milton Etheridge, Faye B. Phillips, Rhonda Morris, Jennifer Powell, Angerona Saunders and Marita Powell.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places | December 11, 2009